Access Control Systems

Top Notch Security Without IT Stress

The whole point of an access control system is to make your business more secure and to provide you with peace of mind. But getting peace of mind can be tough when your IT staff is struggling to become physical security experts while simultaneously being your IT expert and integrating the data with your network. And your legacy systems. And your other security components. And so on.

Most providers will sell you a product, but when it comes to being an expert and integrating it with your systems, they rely on your IT to do the heavy lifting. Marco is different. We separate ourselves from the others by taking the lead and ensuring your system is properly integrated to protect sensitive areas like offices, file rooms and data rooms – so your employees feel safer and your facilities have the top notch security they need.

We’re IT certified to the highest level of expertise – so you can trust that we’ll keep your solutions running smoothly every day. 



Our IT-centric access control systems interface seamlessly with your network and your other physical security systems, including video surveillance. That makes them easier to implement and scalable for future growth.  


Whether you’re looking for access on just a couple of doors or an integrated security system that extends across multiple locations in the city or country, we can design and install the right solution for your business.


You can’t make the most of a leading-edge, IP-based access control system if you don’t know how to use it. Our experienced, plain-talking trainers will walk you through all of the features – both at initial install and ongoing as staff changes – so you get the best return on your investment.


Whether you have questions a day, a week or a year after your install, we’ll be here with 24/7, live support. Our support team boasts a 98% live-call answer rate. And 98% of our customers’ technology issues are resolved within the first phone call.  

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