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Planning Your Company's Succession

Selling a business is personal. You have built it and attracted employees and customers who count on you to deliver what they need today – and well into the future. You want to position your company for success and leave a legacy.

At Marco, we share your passion for the industry. We work alongside business owners of all sizes to help them assess their next steps, evaluate their company’s valuation and create acquisition plans that achieve their goals.

Marco is a company that people want to work at and do business with, and we also are a trusted IT company who business owners look to when selling their company. Since starting as a typewriter shop, Marco has effectively navigated industry changes and established itself as a technology leader that runs its business well – according to our peers, employees, customers and communities.

We have been successful in our continued growth due to a commitment to high-performance and unique company culture. Employee and customer satisfaction are important to us. We care about the experience we provide our employees and our clients, and we have made it a priority to give back to the communities we serve. 

Whether you’re thinking about an acquisition or are ready to make a move, we look forward to connecting with you. We want to be your trusted resource and encourage you to learn more about us.

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Some of our acquisitions have been small businesses with a handful of employees, while others have been larger companies with multiple locations. Each acquisition is unique. Each one is important and brings a new energy to our company. And each one positions us to better serve our customers.

  • Wisconsin Imaging Solutions
  • All/Pro Office Technology
  • West Central Shredding
  • Advanced Office Systems
  • Image Systems for Business
  • Accent Business Solutions
  • Enterprise Systems Group
  • Phillips Office Solutions
  • ETC ComputerLand
  • Ticomix: Managed and Infrastructure Division 
  • Rudzianski’s Business Equipment
  • Prime Office Innovations
  • Governor Business Solutions
  • BusinessWare Solutions
  • Koestner Office Products
  • Dakota Business Center
  • Infinity Technology
  • Document & Network Technologies
  • North Country Business Products
  • Paragon Solutions Group
  • eFrame
  • Nexus Office Systems
  • Data Comm
  • Crabtree Companies
  • Hadley Office Products
  • Better Business Equipment Co.
  • Solbrekk
  • Crosspoint Consulting
  • Brown & Saenger - Copier Division
  • Illinois Valley Business Equipment
  • Northeast Photocopy Company
  • TelePro Communications
  • Trust Technology Services
  • InCompass IT
  • Hyde Telecom
  • Midwest Business Systems
  • Midwest Office Automation
  • Mason City Business Systems
  • Five Star
  • TelServ
  • Best Business Products
  • Office Enterprises
  • Davis Typewriter Co.
  • Tony Dorn
  • Venture Computer Systems
  • All Star Digital Products
  • GR Graphics
  • Modern Business Equipment
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