Data Center

Work Smarter with a More Efficient Data Center

It’s the brains of your entire business. Your data center is the hub where all of your critical information resides, interacts and begins to move your business forward. Because data is so critical, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. We know how you feel. 

Like all technology, data centers speak their own language, which can be difficult to interpret. That’s where Marco comes in. We can maximize the potential of your data center so it stores, processes and distributes your data more efficiently. That can make a big impact on your productivity and your return on investment. 

Data Centers and Storage

If your data center is experiencing limited storage space, slow-running applications or longer wait times, it could be affecting more than you think. Besides requiring more electricity and additional IT maintenance, it can cause a huge dip in productivity. One government source estimates that experiencing even one hour of downtime each workday can cost the average 100-employee business upwards of $500,000 in lost productivity a year. We don’t have to spell that out for your organization. A loss is a loss, regardless of amount.

Marco can assess your data center and bring it back to its most efficient state. In some instances, your data center may require changes to the infrastructure … or you may consider implementing a highly secure private cloud that offers even more benefits. With Marco, your secure data center will be an efficient, professionally maintained, all-in-one system that includes everything you need to:

  • Streamline data center traffic
  • Provide reliable Internet connectivity
  • Enable mobile workforces
  • Support BYOD (bring your own device) workforces
  • Protect your data

Cloud Data: A Gateway to Big Advantages

With something as straightforward as data storage, you wouldn’t think it could be so strategic or integral to the way you run your business. But the reality is that storage can make a big impact on capital expenses, employee collaboration, energy consumption, your ability to adapt quickly to changes in your bandwidth and much more. That’s why cloud storage is becoming a best practice for more and more businesses that want to work smarter and take full advantage of its benefits.

Storing your data in the cloud simply means it’s housed in dedicated, private virtual servers. Taking your data off-site is a measure of strategy for a number of reasons:

  • Cloud storage reduces your organization’s hardware needs. Rather than capital expenditures for hardware and maintenance, cloud storage allows for consistent, monthly investment in operational expenses.
  • It allows employees to access their files and collaborate with others regardless of location.
  • It comes with enterprise-level security, redundant power sources and disaster recovery for more peace of mind.
  • It gives you more flexibility to grow or scale back as needed, so you no longer have to pay for storage you aren't using just to accommodate peak periods. 

By working with a Marco Cloud Specialist, you can get the most strategic storage solution for your needs.

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