Digital Signage


Technically, those orange and black lighted signs on the freeway that say "Roadwork Ahead" are digital signage. The text can be easily swapped out to say something else, like "Accident Ahead" or "Ice on Bridge." They’re easy to update and gets a message across.

Now, if you swap out the orange and black box for a high definition display and replace the text with a video feed or slideshow, you've got an intelligent digital signage application. It's still easy to update and get your message across. Add in a few more displays, network it to a content server and now you've got a powerful tool that can communicate for you.

Businesses and Organizations Vary

Given the varying nature of how businesses and organizations use digital signage, it's not realistic to list a nice set of packages that you can pick and choose from. Every application is customized to perform how you need, whether that’s a very specific task or a series of functions. Some popular uses are:

  • Slideshows – Photos, company information, welcome message, employee of the month, happy hour specials, etc
  • Video Content – How-to videos, company history, customer spotlight, etc
  • Wayfinding – Map out your entire facility, complete with zoom in/out and descriptions of any location on your map
  • Custom Content –Local news, a stock ticker, sports scores. Even custom data feeds like airport departures and delays, restaurant menus or area road conditions


Our touch screen kiosks let your guests and customers truly interact with your business or organization. Guests can use interactive wayfinding to navigate a shopping mall, university or healthcare campus. Restaurants can let their patrons order and pay directly from a touch screen kiosk in the lobby. Retail stores can let shoppers preview songs, videos and books digitally before taking their items to checkout.


We have teams dedicated to our digital signage customers. They determine and design what’s needed and distribute it to our clients' locations. With hosted digital signage, everything lives in our data center. We'll set up the monitors on your end along with a locally installed player to play content. That way, if the connection between you and us is ever temporarily lost or compromised, your sign content will continue to run as normal.

If you prefer to have everything hosted at your location, we do that too. Most organizations prefer the ease of letting us worry about the hardware and software and update it as needed, but there are certain situations where privately hosting your digital signage network works better for your business. 

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