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Have you ever wasted time searching for a certain document? Or looked through a trail of folders—print or digital—only to find the document missing or outdated? Think of how many minutes, hours, and even days of time that adds up to at your business.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, odds are your business doesn’t have an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software program. And if that’s the case, Marco is here to make your situation so much easier.

So what exactly is ECM? Enterprise Content Management software is a versatile, adaptable component that automates the flow of documents. It can help organizations of any size and any area of industry because it manages your documents and records in a simplified, organized and safe way.

The Need for ECM Workflow

If you don’t utilize ECM today, know that you’re not alone. A lot of companies have just a tiny fraction of documents organized and stored via their network. But you probably don’t want to be a part of this majority. Think about it… all of the time employees spend searching through file folders and scanning for some piece of information is time that they could be putting toward core work duties. A well-structured Enterprise Content Management fires up work time and lowers the chances for data to be lost or compromised.

ECM software is ideal for businesses that want to improve workflow, effectively increase productivity, enable collaboration, improve accountability, enhanced security and reduce waste. Many areas of business can be streamlined and automated with an Enterprise Content Management workflow—from HR to Operations. 

Choose Your ECM: M-Files or OnBase?

Marco software specialists can help figure out which ECM is right for you. Plus, we can implement, monitor and support your ECM solution. Learn about our two Enterprise Content Management solutions: M-Files and OnBase by Hyland.

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