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As employees bring in their own devices, your business becomes more susceptible to attacks from the inside. At Marco, we take a holistic approach to network security. We look at your management—along with your internal and external policies—to design your ideal solution. We provide your end-users the greatest amount of flexibility while securely protecting your information, applications and network. It’s about working better together.

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Network Security

Our secure wireless networks screen for authorization prior to connecting. We develop secure screening processes that default non-authorized devices to your guest network and allow authorized devices to go through your intrusion detection system. We support network security through:

  • Wireless LAN Mobility: We provide the hardware for mobile computing and wireless broadband internet.
  • Content and URL Filtering: Our filtering and monitoring software prevents your users from accessing inappropriate, offensive and illegal content on the internet.
  • Authentication/Identification: Our solutions include authentication software, key fobs and biometric authentication to protect your corporate information.
  • Data Encryption: Marco secures your wireless connections, Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Secure Socket Layers (SSL) with data encryption software.

NCAS Alerts

Intrusion Detection

When most people think about network security, they think about protecting their network from problems on the outside. But many security problems happen from the inside out. As employees continue to rely on personal and mobile devices to access data, your organization’s potential exposure to viruses and security risks only grows. Our intrusion prevention systems provide passive and real-time monitoring, arming your network with the intelligence to instantly recognize and respond to attacks, threats, exploits, worms and viruses. When a device attempts to connect to your network, our intrusion detection solutions ensure the device is authorized. If the device doesn't meet authorization criteria, IT security swiftly denies access.


It's no secret that the internet can be a challenge for network security...with endless access points and variables. But, did you know you're 27 times more likely to pick up malicious content using a search engine versus counterfeit software? And 128 times more likely by clicking into an online advertisement versus an adults-only site? Today's cybercriminals are targeting the sites you're more likely to access, including news and business websites that you deem safe, regular places to consume content. In fact, the most common online activities can carry the most risk.

Our firewall solutions arm you with network intelligence and control alike. Marco uses industry-leading tools that enforce security based on the entire context of a situation. This includes who the user is, what application or website the user is trying to access, where the access originates, when it occurs and how the access is being attempted. Think of it as a four-pronged approach to security.

As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplaces continue to become the norm, businesses need security solutions that can determine which devices are authorized to access the network and which aren't. We can implement a firewall solution that prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to your network and ensures authorized devices have the appropriate security safeguards in place. This gives you more peace of mind because your users don’t have the burden of determining what content is and isn’t appropriate.



The IT industry is rapidly changing with new government regulations, security frameworks and compliance frameworks. Through a recurring assessment and review, IdentifyIT provides you an ongoing, data-driven view of your security. Let Marco serve as your guide to continually assess and improve the security of your IT environment.

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Print Security

Print Security

More businesses are becoming aware of the vulnerabilities in their network, but many key stakeholders are still surprised that office copiers and printers need security too. Print devices are known as endpoints, which also makes them ideal entry points for cybercriminals and malware to gain network access. When sharing printers you run the risk of exposing confidential information to anyone with access to the copy room. Print security helps you and your team honor your privacy and confidentiality policies.

Phone System Security

Phone System Security

Protecting network performance during the transition to VoIP requires keeping a keen eye on security. Businesses of all sizes can’t afford to experience sub-optimal performance during the period of project implementation. With the (i)View Network Assessment, we can verify a new network configuration meets project requirements or identify any failings and mitigate the risk.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Keeping your data secure and under control is an essential component of cloud computing. From line-of-business applications to backup and disaster recovery, our cloud security services ensure your business data remains safe and secure 24/7. And through it all, your users experience single-click access to their desktops and all corporate applications.

Audio/Visual Security

Audio/Visual Security

With an access control system, your business can protect both its employees and its facility. A properly integrated security system will protect any sensitive areas and give you peace of mind. Clients trust Marco to implement and foster custom, IP-based open architecture to maintain security.

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