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    Collaborating in an Agile Work Environment

    How we collaborate has changed over the past year. In some ways, I feel like I have a higher capacity to connect with people in our company, industry and country because of the remote nature of the working world. When you take out the travel, I can be in more places. PK Kriha of …

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    Creating Relevance

    Jeff Gau wrote this blog for more than a decade, sharing his experiences, challenges and insights in over 250 posts. Jeff told me recently that when he started, he never expected to write that many. But you kept reading and reaching out, so he continued. After a successful 37-yea…

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    Signing Off as CEO

    When I started my career, I wanted what most employees want – a company with a good reputation, ethical bosses, high achievers, and a fun environment.

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    Leave Things Better

    A job well done means we leave something better than we found it. This never seemed as paramount as it does for me now, as I prepare to hand over the reins and retire at the end of this month.

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    Feeling Risky? Assess Your Tolerance

    Every day, as leaders we have to assess risk and make decisions. Some leaders have a higher risk tolerance than others or are willing to take a risk in one circumstance or another. The best leaders get good at calculating risks, evaluating consequences and taking timely action to…

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    Somebody's Always Better

    As an organization, we’ve made a habit of finding and following the best. Rather than spinning our wheels talking about what a better practice, product or outcome could be, we go looking for it. When you’re serious about improving your company, your team or yourself, the first st…

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    Making Split-Second & Strategic Decisions

    Not all leaders are effective decision-makers. So often, I watch good intentions get stuck. Leaders can be smart, they can be insightful, they can be bold, and they can even be strategic in their thinking, and still not be decisive when it’s needed. Effective leaders make these t…

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    You Can Be Innovative

    What does innovation mean to you? Do new inventions and lofty plans come to mind? That’s common. So often we think we need to invent the next iPhone or Tesla to be innovative. But that’s just one type of innovation; as organizations, we typically have the most to gain when we con…

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    Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

    In a recent planning session with some Marco leaders, we discussed what words we hope people use when talking about our company. One of the qualities that rose to the top was “generous.”

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    Gifts in a Social Recession

    Every year, I look forward to the holidays and Christmas shopping. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed spending time looking for the perfect gift – something meaningful, usually practical and often an item that the person would not get otherwise.

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