Lifecycle Asset Discovery


What are your IT assets? When is the last time you took stock of everything operating on your network? Asset lifecycle management should be on the radar of any business owner today. Businesses are fueled by technology. From servers and workstations to applications and security, technology forms the foundation of just about everything a business does.

And yet, a lot of business stakeholders don’t know what IT assets they own, where they are installed, how they are operating or what point they are at in their lifecycle. With all of these unknowns, it’s nearly impossible to plan and budget for your business technology. That’s why we developed our Lifecycle Asset Discovery Service – it gives businesses the information needed to understand their technology assets.


Each and every IT asset has a lifecycle. The operating system on every employee workstation, the applications running on their computers, the operating system supporting each server and the infrastructure components that hold all the pieces together are all running on independent timelines for maintenance, repair, upgrades and replacement.

In order to manage all of these assets, you need to at least know:

  • What assets you currently own and operate
  • The lifecycle of each asset
  • Any support renewals
  • If assets are meeting minimum business best practices
  • Which assets require the timeliest attention

With this information, business owners can better manage their technology and plan for short and long term technology needs.   

Benefits of Lifecycle Asset Discovery

Marco’s Lifecycle Asset Discovery involves gathering information, organizing that information and putting together a procurement plan. Organizations of all sizes – including those with satellite locations – stand to benefit from Lifecycle Asset Discovery. We will gather data surrounding:

Workstations – operating system, make, model, serial number
Servers – operating system, domain controllers, available disk space
Infrastructure – make, model, serial number, firmware version
Security – domain admins, password strength, windows security updates
Applications – complete software list, versions and devices

Let’s get started

After the discovery is complete, you’ll have a list of all discoverable IT assets operating on your network, along with the most important information for managing your assets. We will also offer basic recommendations for procurement planning.

With effective IT asset management, you can stay ahead of your business technology. Let Marco help you get started.

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