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You don’t have to be a large organization to know that today’s print environments are complex. Even small to medium-sized businesses know the struggle of buying, maintaining, updating, repairing, replacing, and monitoring office printers and copiers. If just one of these tasks goes awry, office productivity can plummet.

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Benefits of Managed Print Services

Marco’s Managed Print Services (MPS) is a program that streamlines all of the tasks associated with managing your printers and copiers, monitors your usage and, in the process, minimizes your costs associated with printing. As one of the top three managed print providers in the nation, Marco has the service down to a science. With over 650 technicians and engineers on staff, we have the capabilities, resources and expertise to deliver Managed Print Services to businesses of any shape and size, in any industry.

If you’re still self-maintaining your print environment, you might be getting by, but you’re probably missing out. Partnering with a managed print provider brings plenty of benefits. Some benefits have a dollar figure attached to them because of the cost savings seen related to parts and service. Other benefits are more subtle, like reducing employee frustration and increasing productivity. With Marco’s Managed Print Services, the only task businesses have to do with their printers is use them. Marco handles the rest.

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Save on Print Costs and Eliminate Confusion

Most organizations that implement a Managed Print Services program are surprised by all the ways they can save on print costs. By implementing a print strategy, monitoring usage and having an industry expert manage your print environment, organizations that partner with Marco typically save up to 30 percent on print-related expenses.

Eliminate the confusion of working with multiple vendors and the time spent paying numerous invoices every month. With Marco, you have one vendor for supplies, maintenance and other services. Your toner usage is tracked remotely, so when it is low, replacement is automatically sent. And you have a technology advisor with a constant pulse on what’s new in the world of print technology and what benefits it can provide your business.

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Get Unlimited Help Desk Support

With Managed Print Services, Marco customers have unlimited access to help desk support during normal business hours. Our help desk is staffed with experienced, tech-savvy representatives who will help you through any issues related to printing, scanning, copying, faxing and network connectivity. Help desk staff also help customers adjust to new or upgraded equipment and software. This can be invaluable when circumstances occur that affect your printing technology, such as hiring (and training) a new IT employee, upgrading software or changing IP addresses.

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Hassle-free Printer Repairs, Replacements and Toner Refills

With Managed Print Services, businesses never pay for toner, printer repair or printer replacement. When the devices are at the end of their usable life, we replace them without an upcharge. And replacement toner is automatically shipped to the correct location when usage levels indicate it’s time.

To help you manage your print environment, your office printers can be wired to talk to each other from across the room, across the country and to us, too. With our management software, a malfunctioning copy machine will let us know it’s having a problem and, if we can’t solve it remotely, we’ll dispatch a technician to fix the issue. All maintenance is performed by a certified technician, and best of all, any maintenance costs are covered through Marco’s Managed Print Services.

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Data-driven Decision Making and Business Reviews

One of the biggest benefits MPS customers receive is in-depth analytics. We capture how (and how often) each device is being used, and we catalog how much each device costs in maintenance, repairs and supplies. Based on your initial assessment, we recommend proper copy/print volume usage and print load balance to extend the life of your equipment. After implementation, we monitor your usage to help you make smart, data-driven decisions. 

Periodic business reviews are conducted where we analyze current performance data and areas that still need attention. Here are the main components of a recurring business review: Service Call History, Supply Order History, Device Utilization Summary and Average Monthly Copy/Print Volume by Device. The Device Utilization Report, for example, can be run by device, user or department. 

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Beef Up Your Security and Sustainability Efforts

When you consider the benefits of managed print services, security and sustainability might not be top of mind. But, the reality is, every area of business stands to benefit from support in these two areas.

Every organization prints some type of secure information. For industries such as healthcare and legal, security policies and practices are essential and non-negotiable. In businesses where security is less high-risk, secure data and information still need to be protected. Marco's Managed Print Services can address all levels of need.

Printers, like every piece of technology, use energy and resources. Today, we have software to help educate users on printing costs by prompting them, before they’re able to print, on-the-job cost and providing alternatives on how to save money. You can also set copy/print limits on each machine, assign user limits or set emails to be printed in black and white or duplexed.

How does MPS work and what does it include?

Marco’s Managed Print Services program is paid monthly, with no initial investment. We’ll supply any necessary equipment and manage your fleet, in addition to providing recurring supplies and services.

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What does pricing look like?

We price our Managed Print Services based on the number and type of devices you have. We believe this approach enables our customers to access contract pricing that aligns with their specific needs.

Our unlimited print model contract pricing is based on your print and copy devices. When someone mentions DaaS (Device as a Service), pay-per-device, unlimited print, or All-You-CanPrint Services, they’re referring to the same thing. With All-You-Can-Print Services, print volume and number of users create the basis for determining your contract pricing. The type and number of devices you have are the primary indicators of your investment in the service.

The unlimited print model eliminates the need to collect meter readings. This can be particularly beneficial to those with hundreds, or even thousands, of print devices and organizations with many locations. With unlimited printing, businesses can easily budget for invoices, as there are no fluctuations based on print volume. This means your organization won’t pay more for the service during times of heavy use. You’ll only see a difference when devices are added or subtracted. No wonder companies find it easy to budget for MPS with All-You-Can-PrintServices.

Industry-Specific Print Expertise

Legal, Healthcare, Retail

When it comes to Managed Print Services, we’re not just experts in printing in general; we also provide industry-specific expertise. For example, healthcare organizations and legal firms both rely heavily on print technologies day-to-day, but tracking metrics and privacy needs will differ widely between these two industries. Marco has the expertise to navigate the specifics of both with ease. Learn more about our MPS offering for the following industries:

Advantages of Managed Print Services for Law Firms

The legal industry is notorious for generating mounds of paperwork. That means a high-volume print environment. We know your team’s time is better spent moving through casework than managing toner or troubleshooting printer issues, so we handle all of that for you and much more. MPS provides automatic toner replacement and delivery, routine maintenance, responsive repairs and comprehensive usage analytics. By freeing up your office and IT resources for other value-add efforts in your firm, you’re improving productivity for everyone involved.


When it comes to printing, healthcare offers its own set of unique challenges. That’s why Marco’s Managed Print Services are such a great fit for any medical office. First, we’ll help you rein in costs by eliminating redundant devices without sacrificing efficiency. Next, we’ll help you meet your strict security policies with print solutions that put important safeguards in place before sensitive information can be printed. Finally, because many medical organizations have more than one facility, we can help you integrate and manage your print fleet as a whole, while providing analytics and solutions for each separate location and department.


With Marco’s Managed Print Services for retail, you free your staff of everyday printing responsibilities so they can add more value to your business and focus on your customers. And, with our automated supplies, proactive analytics and responsive service, you may forget you even have printers to maintain. We also capture your printing costs from location to location, including how much your devices are being used and what you’re spending on maintenance, repairs and supplies, so there are no surprises down the road. That makes managing your budget a lot easier.

Why Marco?


Nearly 90 percent of companies don’t track printing costs.


Most companies save 30 percent or more on their print-related expenses when they work with Marco.


Marco is the top print provider in the United States.

How to get started

Your MPS program will begin with an assessment of your current print technology and your desired business goals. This allows us to understand your current print costs and what your organization needs to be successful. Document productivity, distribution and output are some of the last un-audited expenses in an organization, yet these expenses typically account for 1-3% of the total revenue. Through a comprehensive analysis of your print environment, there’s a potential to reduce those costs by up to 30%, while increasing worker productivity. One of the best parts of the assessment is that it estimates, in the form of an actual dollar amount, the savings your company could experience.


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