Meeting and Training Spaces


There are some environments that support their presenters and other environments that inhibit them. When a space is outfitted with the ideal technology and capabilities, it supports a speaker’s ability to communicate clearly and precisely. A polished presentation backed by state-of-the-art technology will help you get your point across. We can outfit your room with a custom audio visual setup.


The audio visual systems we install are designed with the presenter and audience in mind. Whether you're standing in front with a remote control for the computer, or you're seated at the head of the table driving the keyboard and mouse, you'll feel right at home.

Marco presentations systems offer:

  • Large Video Displays – up to 90"
  • Projectors – Mobile, ceiling or desktop mounted
  • Projection Screens – including fixed, portable and electronic
  • Room Automation Systems – Control your environment from a compact, touch screen display
  • Custom Media Carts – Imagine the "TV on Wheels" from grade school, only much cooler. Designed with built-in storage areas to include presentation equipment and a tilt-up power station for power, voice and data connections
  • Document Cameras – Capture and display clear images of paper documents, 3D objects, film and transparencies
  • Video Meeting Hub - Easy plug-and-play hook up with your laptop or other device so you can meet and collaborate quickly with your team
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Interactive Displays and Whiteboards


Control lighting, video and audio and window blind adjustments all from a compact touch screen display with room automation technology. Marco sets up room automation to give you the meeting room features to seamlessly support presentations:

  • Dim the lights
  • Power on the projector
  • Plug in your laptop to share your monitor on a wall-mounted display
  • Open and close the curtains over the windows
  • Adjust the volume
  • Grant control to an attendee joining through video conference

Control all of these features and more from a control box mounted in the room. With Marco’s room automation, the presentation possibilities are endless. Properly outfitting meeting rooms is about productivity, ease of use and managing your meetings and conference room technology.


A quiet lobby livens up with overhead ambient tunes. Auditorium presentations supported by integrated speakers and microphones cause every head to turn to the stage.

Employees straining to hear can’t be truly engaged during a meeting or presentation. But with proper sound systems in place, they can sit attentively, listen and provide valuable input.

A quality sound system is a game changer.

From the classroom to the boardroom, entryway to the auditorium, hallway to restroom, Marco can integrate audio pretty much anywhere. Our most common sound system applications include:

  • Speaker systems for classrooms and conference rooms
  • Overhead background music
  • Live sound for auditoriums and theaters
  • Paging systems
  • Sound masking
  • Portable sound packages

Taking it one step further, we can sync your audio with your video. If you're installing an audio system in a classroom or conference room, we can integrate an interactive touch panel to automate the room. At Marco, we'll design your system, pick out the hardware, select your software and get it all up and running.


Technology can make or break a presentation, and the right hardware and software can give you the edge. Our design approach to interactive audio/video technology for classrooms and boardrooms starts with usability. The biggest frustration we hear is that the gear is too confusing. We hear you loud and clear. Eliminating as many buttons and cables as possible is our goal.

With today's high-speed Internet connections, we're able to stream high-definition video across the country for interactive conference calls and presentations. Top it off with integrated microphones and wireless speakers placed throughout the room, and nobody will be left crouching around a laptop to hear ever again.

The same technology can exist in offices, cubicles, smart phones and tablets. This technology is no longer tethered to the boardroom.

A new or upgraded Audio Visual system from Marco might include:

  • Wall mounted TVs/monitors
  • Projectors and screens
  • Telepresence
  • Interactive white boards
  • Speakers
  • Audio/video rack

We provide all of the hardware and software. You don't need to contact a dozen different vendors just to get your gear. That's our job. 

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