Network Infrastructure


Maybe you're moving...or merging. Maybe it's time to go wireless. Or make the change to virtual desktops...or virtual servers. Whatever the case, your network may need an upgrade.

This isn't the kind of project you hand over to just anyone. Because every potential glitch and crashed server down the road could mean critical losses to your business. Which is why we've assembled specialized teams who focus only on designing, implementing and maintaining the right business network services for you.


With virtual servers, you can run more than one server on the same piece of hardware and manage multiple servers from a central location. This means you’re taking advantage of full server capacity. Other advantages include:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Fewer hardware demands
  • Simplified server management
  • Saving on software costs
  • Taking advantage of pre-built technology

Our systems engineers assess your current network and create a virtualization design that’s sized to fit your organization’s specific needs, paying special attention to the number of users, amount of data and types of applications used.


With Marco's Network Management Services, network outages are detected immediately, with one of our 700+ certified systems engineers diagnosing the problem’s source and getting your network back up and running. Our Network Management Services provide proactive and round-the-clock management of your technology. From basic support to all-inclusive, you can customize the level of IT service that's right for you.

Network Management Services include:

  • Network maintenance and monitoring
  • Monitoring of attached network devices
  • Availability, event log, backup and drive space monitoring
  • Monthly status reporting
  • Anti-virus software management
  • Implementation of needed upgrades, patches or enhancements
  • Security, file sharing and user administration

When Marco manages your network, you’re adding some of the industry's top resources to your IT staff. Remote or on-site, we'll take care of it.


Marco can create a wireless design that's just right for your business. And we'll help you maintain it as your business grows and your needs change. Your users are doing business on their mobile devices; they don't have the capability or desire to plug into a wired network.

One of our experienced engineers will determine what type of wireless environment your organization needs. We take into consideration:

  • Number of users
  • Primary uses
  • Environmental issues
  • Range of access points

From there we'll design and implement a flexible, scalable and high-performance wireless infrastructure.

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