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Your Printers Should be Working for You And Your Business

If your copiers and printers are just copying and printing, they should be doing more to help your office run smarter. Today’s print technology can make a big impact on your day-to-day operations. That’s why choosing the right technology—and the right provider—is so important. 

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The best way to get a solid return on your investment begins with choosing the right technology. When it comes to copy machines, office printers and multifunction devices, our match-making skills can be game-changing. We can help you determine your print costs, how many devices you need and which devices make the most sense for your organization.

We’re one of the largest Sharp and Konica Minolta dealers—and the largest independent HP dealer—in the country. So, we know what devices and features will make your life easier and which ones might be more or less than you need.

Why Marco?


Nearly 90 percent of companies don’t track printing costs.


Most companies save 30 percent or more on their print-related expenses when they work with Marco.


Marco is the top print provider in the United States.

Manage Printing Costs


Printing costs used to be a gamble. Today, we have software to control that for you. Just make a few settings upfront, and let your software take care of the rest.

You can set copy/print limits on each machine, assign each user his or her personal limits or set emails to be printed in black and white or duplexed, based on the application. You can even block emails from being printed at all.

Sometimes overprinting simply becomes a habit. To help with that, the software can send a prompt to the user before a document prints that explains when certain criteria are met.

Document Management


There's almost nothing your documents can't do. Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a hard copy of any text document and, by simply scanning the original, convert it to a Microsoft Word or Excel editable file—with over 95% accuracy? Our software applications can do that. They also integrate seamlessly with your document management system. By connecting with systems like M-Files or OnBase, you can scan and send documents directly into your database.

Our document distribution applications also integrate directly with your email servers. While many printers allow you to scan and email documents right from your printer, our software applications retrieve scanned documents directly from your email account. This gives you an added sense of security knowing your communications are safe and your documents are protected.

Print Software


If your business is inundated with documents, our print software applications are the answer to your printing fatigue. We can help your documents flow more smoothly in and out of your system by making your copiers and printers work double duty sending, retrieving and managing your business files. 

Everyone wants to minimize their printing spend. But, if you’re an organization with a large printer fleet, it’s even more critical to monitor and control printing costs. If you have several departments all sharing the same printer, we have software that allows you to monitor usage per department. This empowers you to make better decisions about your print fleet, like adding newer, more efficient printers where there’s higher volume.

Hard Drive Security


Print security is a thing. Like any other endpoint in your network, printers have memory, processors and operating systems. Without the proper safeguards, you’re vulnerable and that’s why your printer's hard drive security is so important. To help you operate more securely, all of Marco’s copier and printer manufacturers have security statements detailing which security options are available as an integrated feature or as an add-on.

When it comes to returns and disposals, rest assured we have you covered. Removal of hard drive and hard drive reformatting are available for HP, Konica Minolta, and Sharp copiers/printers that are traded in or returned to Marco. (If the device is from another manufacturer, please speak with your Account Representative for options.) 

Multifunction Printers that Streamline Tasks

Life is too short and time is too valuable to jump from machine to machine. Multifunction devices streamline your workflow by enabling you to complete several different office tasks with a single device. By combining the functionality of a copier, printer and fax machine, multifunction printers help you clear the clutter and eliminate the need for single-use devices.

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