Presentation Systems

Conference Room Technology to Elevate Presentations

All presenters — from the most polished professionals to the new hires looking to share innovative ideas — rely on technology to communicate ideas and engage audience members. User-friendly presentation systems can take the worry and the hiccups out of presenting. Who wouldn’t want that assurance?

Technology is key to good communication

Help your organization communicate more effectively. Generally, the size of your business dictates the size of your audio/video conferencing needs, but not always. Whether you’re a small technology firm or a large company with multiple locations, a high-end system is important for your image and your need to connect with remote employees. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality within the business A/V world. 

Audio Conferencing

Supporting copy: An audio conferencing system doesn't have to be extravagant. A simple digital box on the conference table is all it takes to have a decent conference call. It’s much more professional than huddling around someone's cell phone or shouting across the room.

With audio conferencing, the phone is the most important part of the equation. We've built relationships with leading communication vendors to make sure your audio conference comes over loud and clear.

Video Conferencing

Supporting copy: Marco is a good example of how to utilize the many capabilities of a video conferencing technology. We have offices scattered nationally, so it goes without saying that it's incredibly important to stay connected to our offices and employees. Our video conferencing systems make it happen daily. We can video conference with our employees from their desks, other conference rooms and from offices in any other location. Everything is streamed in high-definition video and real-time audio.

The video conferencing systems we offer typically start in conference rooms or classrooms and then scale up or down from there. By up, we mean the system could get bigger with more screens, more projectors, more rooms, and more locations. By down, we mean the system could be installed at an individual employee workstation or even mobile.

Presentation System Equipment

Marco also offers video conferencing equipment. This could include the infrastructure in your data center to run and manage video and/or the equipment in conference rooms or offices where video conferencing takes place. 

Today’s user-friendly technology makes it easier than ever to video conference right from your desktop or mobile device. But sometimes you need to move beyond the confines of your desktop monitor or mobile device. When you need to go bigger, video conferencing equipment helps you bring high definition video conferencing to the big screen, allowing you to reach a larger audience with even more impact. Marco’s video conferencing equipment offers:

  • Advanced video technologies that deliver the highest quality, yet consume up to 50 percent less bandwidth than alternatives
  • State-of-the-art cameras that support a continuous, whole-room experience with no field-of-view blind spots
  • Microphones with pickup range and noise reduction
  • Audio built into the conferencing table
  • Touch screen room automation systems controlling everything from turning on displays to connecting your laptop to adjusting the room lighting
  • Interoperability that integrates with standards-based video phones, PC-based video solutions, and third-party telepresence systems
  • Complete, all-in-one systems including everything you need for your data center infrastructure and your conference room equipment alike 
  • Customizable, a la carte and expandable options that will help you reap the most from your system for years to come

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is an integrated suite of tools that puts all of your communication apps in one convenient place. Video conferencing is one of those easy-to-use tools. The suite also includes instant messaging, audio, Voice over IP and web conferencing. With Unified Communications, you can instantly see who’s online and who’s offline, who’s at their desktop or who’s away at a meeting — making staying in touch easier than ever.

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