Technology Assessment

Getting a Pulse on Your Current Technology has Never Been Easier

We created the Marco Technology Assessment as a way to give business owners a window into the technology that supports their business. All too often, understanding business technology needs can seem confusing and frustrating to anyone outside IT, but we’re looking to change that.

For businesses looking to optimize their technology, solve security weak points, keep up with industry best practices and mitigate risk, keeping a pulse on technology is essential. We developed an IT infrastructure assessment where the results speak directly to stakeholders within an organization.

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What You Learn with a Marco Technology Assessment

The Current State of Your Business Technology

The Marco Technology Assessment gives business owners a data-driven outlook of their current state of affairs through 12 key technology areas.

We’ll find any known risks

Each of the 12 technology areas are given one of three scores: high risk, medium risk or meets industry best practices.

The Business Impact of Each Risk

Each risk is coupled with the impact it has on your organization. Each area can have multiple known risks and multiple impacts on the business.

Recommendations and Timelines for Mitigation

With the risks and impacts outlined, we offer recommendations for what it would take to mitigate each risk and restore each area to meet best practices.

Want a Clear Picture of Your Business Technology?

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