Unify the IT Services You Need to Elevate your Business ...  Securely

UnifyIT is a customizable solution for businesses with an IT department already in place. With UnifyIT, you can augment your IT team with the tools and expertise you need to monitor your network, manage security, and support users, so you can focus on your organization's strategic priorities. 

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Benefits of UnifyIT

Marco’s technology and cybersecurity professionals work with your IT team, while following a security strategy consistent with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework.

  • Tailor-fit a solution with best-practice bundles of tools and services based on your IT needs
  • Leverage constant monitoring and automation, so your IT team can focus on strategic tasks 
  • Access Marco’s Client Portal with analytics and self-serve tools, including the ability to submit support tickets or change requests to the Marco team
  • Industry-leading software tools are installed, configured to best practices, maintained and monitored by the Marco team
  • Technical services include scheduled recurring Business Reviews, planning and other services related to each bundle such as patching and on-demand reporting



Select Your Mix of IT Services

When we say it, we mean it. UnifyIT is fully customizable. Pick from any or all of our bundled services within the four suites below: IdentifyIT, DefendIT, SecureIT or RestoreIT. You also can add our ticketing platform to any of the services you choose. Even better, if you choose all the bundles within a suite, you will receive a discounted rate.




3 bundles to choose from:

Asset Management

  • Asset and network discovery, inventory and documentation
  • Network performance monitoring and alerting
  • Automated operating system patch management and third-party application patching
  • Ability to automate script deployments to remediate critical vulnerabilities
  • Proactive alerts and reports with ability to audit historical data with change management discovery
  • Asset lifecycle planning services


  • Human interviews and an automated tool for data collection to determine compliance with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)
  • Reporting and planning services to assist clients with NIST CSF compliance
  • Security awareness training
  • Simulated phishing platform to test employees with follow-up reinforcement training


  • Asset discovery and analysis to identify known vulnerabilities
  • Identify and report on missing patches, updates, non-approved software installs and other vulnerabilities
  • Track vulnerability and assess risk with risk scores


3 bundles to choose from:

Web & Domain Name System Security

  • Cloud-based malware prevention
  • Flexible protection on and off the network for devices and users
  • Web security with category content filtering
  • Stop threats before users can access them with DNS layer security

Email Security

  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) cloud-based security to protect against spam/malware
  • AI-based threat detection and anti-phishing protection to stop fraudulent emails from reaching users
  • Email encryption portal to stop data leaks of sensitive data
Optional Add Ons:
  • Cloud Email Archiving service
  • Cloud to Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 Services (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Groups Data)

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Easy-to-use, secure mobile app to verify identity in seconds
  • Deploy in any environment to protect any application on any device
  • Streamlined login experience for easy use


2 bundles to choose from:


  •  Unified technologies to successfully stop breaches, including next-gen antivirus and anti-malware, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), threat hunting and threat intelligence automation
  • Artifical Intelligence and human-based threat hunting to find and stop otherwise undetected threats
  • Advanced persistent threat protection with Machine Learning, known indicators of compromise and advanced analytics
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) experts use cloud-scale data, tools and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence to hunt for threats
  • Collect, store and analyze events and logs for your organization for indications of compromise and identify potential undetected issues

Optional Add Ons:
  • Device control
  • Windows firewall management

Threat Intelligence: Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

  • Full threat visibility into every single network packet with threat intel and alerts – Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Reduce noise and false positives with our SOC as first-tier triage before your team takes the reins; or rely on our certified, experienced, threat analysts with on-demand services


2 bundles to choose from:


  • Hardware- and software-based backup for your critical information
  • Off-site backup replication
  • Reporting of backup status, health monitoring and storage

Disaster Recovery

  • Near real-time system duplication to protect against an event (disaster, security, outage)
  • Disaster recovery plan maintenance and testing


Ticketing Platform

Create a customized ticketing experience focused on better organization, service and escalation. Users access an internal ticketing board to create tickets that automatically route to your internal IT. Then you can service internally or easily pass them on to Marco’s Support Desk.

On-Demand Services

When we say partner, we mean it. Gaining bundles of software and services is just the beginning of UnifyIT. You also get to augment your team by leveraging Marco’s remote and on-site support, Security Operations Team, and more. 

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